Tape art commissions, installations and live creations by Max Zorn

Max Zorn is an artist who uses ordinary brown packing tape as his medium and a scalpel as a brush. Based in Amsterdam, Max Zorn shapes layers upon layers of tape on acrylic glass that, when illuminated from behind, reveal contrasts and warmth that has stunned the art world.

The freehand craftwork and vividness of his sepia toned creations, straight lines and sharp subjects give Max Zorn’s settings a pure and believable depth. His characters are depicted like a James Ellroy novel, revealing the menace in the shadow and an indefinite fragility behind the nostalgic glamor days.

Max Zorn’s iconic style ranges from his shimmering skyscrapers and Americana to grandiose European charm set between lines of decadence and disillusion. With his unmistakable way to compose cinematic settings, Max Zorn pulls spectator into his motifs and encourages his audience to continue his story.

In 2011 Max Zorn emerged as an urban artist who hung tape on street lamps. Using the night as his setting and sepia-toned tape as his medium on acrylic glass, his work dotted the streets of European capitals from Lisbon to Berlin. In an impressively short timeline, Max Zorn’s tape art has seen opportunity and worldwide demand at an accelerating speed. His work has since evolved into solo exhibitions from London to New York, with an international resume spanning from Art Basel Hong Kong to Miami, and national museums from Amsterdam to Vancouver and Japan. His work as caught the attention of CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera to name a few.

This website highlights some of the live events, installations, commissions and performances Max Zorn has been invited to create and exhibit on a global basis. To request Max Zorn, send an email to info@maxzorn.com.

To see Max Zorn’s fine art collection, please visit www.maxzorn.com and his in-house gallery, www.sticktogethergallery.com.